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Girlfriend: Mindy Deep
Title: Deep In It
Date: 09-21-15

I was patiently waiting for my girlfriend, who also happens to be my neighbor, to come home. She’s a stripper so I have to catch her in the mornings. Once I knew she was there I ran over there fast, like when I used to run after the ice cream truck. She was still in her dress and heels from the night before and smoking a cig. Probably where she gets the skills to suck my dick. Anyhow, she was just as happy to see me and didn’t hesitate to come over so I could give her the D. She proceeded with the super deepthroat that I love and then I fucked her real good, over and over. Sounds like I’m in love right? Nah, still think she cheats on me at the club, so here’s our video. Sorry Mindy.

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